Food Allergy Awareness



This Allergen Awareness course has been updated to take account the EU Food Information to Consumers Regulations which will be enforceable by law from December 2014, and should be a mandatory part of induction and standard training for all staff in the food industry, hospitality and care sectors

The course will give you the knowledge required to implement and understand how allergies impact on your place of work and what you are required to do to comply.


  • The Law
  • What a food allergy?
  • What is a food intolerance?
  • The 14 food allergens
  • How it affects your business
  • How to become food allergy aware
  • Allergies in our bodies
  • Food Labeling
  • Final Exam Approx
  • 1hr Learning Time

We've also added some free resources including a chef spreadsheet an Allergen Info template.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is this OK for my staff?

Yes it is. This is ideal for all of your staff to get a basic knowledge of Food Allergy

How Long Does The Course Take?

It should take you around 50 minutes to complete along with the Test at the end.

Will I get a Certificate?

Yes you will. On successful completion of the exam at the end, you will be issued with CPD certification which you can download straight away.

Can I get this for my staff?

Of course you can. You can purchase 1 or 100. If you do want this course for your staff, call us so we can set up a staff portal for you. 02035442211

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