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Build Yourself a Marketing Database

Marketing your business services via email is as valuable as using social media, but how do you best increase the number of email addresses that you have?
The number of subscribers to an email list tends to degrades all the time as people un-subscribe or change their email, so it’s important to not only send out great content, but to continue to add members all the time.
Old School Traditional Methods
Whilst an email subscription list uses modern technology, utilise the old methods too. You can collect email addresses by asking customers to give business cards for a free meal or drink draw, membership or birthday. Most, if not all, business cards contain email addresses which can be added to your list manually. Let customers know that the winner will be notified by email and add the email addresses to your email list and send out promotions.
Set Up Exclusive Offers for Mailing List Subscribers
Customers are only likely to subscribe if you give them a firm enough offer. Many venues use stamp cards such as Costa to reward regular visits. I suggest all venue must come up with some kind of offer/ card or membership with reward to grow your list.
Special offers can them be emailed out as well as promo nights, events and invites. If you can collect a date of birth too, this can be used for birthday invites etc.
This may all seem a little old school but look at your business. Can you honestly say that you attempt to gain the email address of every customer that comes through your door? If you can't then you are not doing enough.
Every receipt or bill given out there should be a solicitation for customers to join your email list to get special offers. Your servers should ask customers to join the email list so that they can get promotion notification. Give out an onsite promotion if a customer joins immediately.
Use Your Website to Promote an Email List
One of the more successful methods to expand an email list is using your website to promote it. Email marketing is a digital tool and you should use the digital universe to promote the service.
You can use a pop up subscription service from mailchimp or Popupdomination
It will give them an opportunity to subscribe and you can change the offers regularly to keep them coming.
If you can, use a one sentence promotional phrase to entice potential customers to subscribe with the subscription form. The sales sentence should mention that monthly coupons or promotions are only available to subscribers.
If you do any advertising, mention in a tag line that email list subscribers get unique and special offers.
As far as mailing customers with offers, again mailchimp is an excellent service and you are able to mail out 2000 people every month without charge.
If you need some advice we can spend a day with you to get you marketing like a pro.

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