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Train, Re-train


As the Coronavirus pandemic continues to impact companies locally and globally, here are some ideas on how you can help to safeguard your business.

Ask for help

The Government unveiled a support package last month, with almost half going towards businesses affected by the pandemic. 

During this uncertain time, it’s important that businesses know what help is available to them and how to make the best use of it. We encourage businesses to familiarise themselves with, and register for, the support that government has announced around wage subsidies, cash flow and tax relief measures, . It’s also important to take proactive steps – talk to your landlord, bank, and suppliers to find out what your options are and how you can be supported.

Sell online

It’s no secret that with people self-isolating, winery and off licence sales will take a hit. There is no chance we will see sweeping abstinence as a consequence of the virus. In other words – people will always want wine.  If you’re not online already, try to do so as cost-effectively as possible. Then emphasise your online options. There will be an increase in home consumption of wine and higher levels of online wine sales from smaller wineries who promote their online options like our friends here at Bay Wines. Consider offering coupons for new consumers and discounts to existing club members for online ordering, if you have been forced to close your off licence door, try selling gift cards, or offer free delivery for online orders.

Stay connected

People might have to reassess their business plans to consider any potential diversifications to trading and services that could be implemented.

Stay connected to your customers via social media – Facebook, Instagram or Twitter – plus your website, emails and newsletters to share important information and to encourage customers shop local and order online. “Have a chat with your team about any ideas and initiatives they might have,  about regional and go local campaigns.

Have a new website written by specialists in hospitality like Creativecrowd

With many wine lovers stuck at home, it offers an opportunity to engage with them and create a virtual tasting room via live streams, think guided live tastings, Q&As or insights into a specific topic such as organic vs conventional winegrowing, aging or food & wine matches.

“Share the streams with your database and followers afterwards.

Wine courses are avaiable online here

Make sure to send out regular targeted offers via newsletters and social media or [even just] pick up the phone. Top customers would love to hear from wineries personally while stuck in isolation!


Take a course or get your personal licence so that when things start getting back to normal - you are ready!  We run online exams every 30 minutes, every day, at the weekend and into the evening, so you can access the course material and still sit the real exam online at home any day you like!  Start thinking about how you will train your staff.  Get them on our online courses now so they are ready to hit the ground running when the time comes.  Visit our website for details.

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