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The Importance of Dressing Smart


Dressing up for work is for me, not only important for the image of your business, but has the power to change your mood and motivation towards your job.

I can’t say all, as everybody is different, but I’d like to wager the majority of people feel good when they dress smart. More confident, more assertive and more motivated.

A smart suit or outfit portrays air of professionalism within a business.

When you sit in front of a businessman or woman who look the part, they instantly gain a respect that someone dressed down simply wouldn’t get in the work place.

In business negotiation, the power of dress can often give an advantage over a somewhat dressed down counterpart. If you are entering a meeting, conference or boardroom always dress up and put yourself at least on the same level as your peers.

And the science doesn’t stop there.

Posture, walking tall and smiling not only gives you the edge outwardly, but inwardly it can change your whole frame of mind. Try it today. Walk tall, don’t shuffle along, smile and just glide around your workplace. See who notices, I bet they ask you, "Why the good mood?"

Treat the workplace as a stage. It doesn’t matter what job you have, an office, behind a bar, driving, road maintenance or serving in a restaurant. When you step out there, look good and walk tall.

And before you shout and say, how does a manual worker look good at work? Try clean clothes, a shower is a must. If you don’t carry facial hair then clean shave.

Walk onto your stage looking and feeling the best you can. You will cruise through the day.

If your job requires you to wear a uniform then wear it well. Make sure it’s clean and tidy, you smell and look clean and raring to go.

In the service industry in particular, the way you look and dress will go a long way to forming peoples’ perception of the place.

Long before they take a drink or are served their first course, customers will have already formed an opinion.

How you look creates a very strong emotion in people. We all do it. We all people watch and very often could tell a whole story about a complete stranger just by the way they look.


If you work from home (see homeworking blog) then it is equally if not more important to dress well and feel good about yourself.

Why and how if you work at home is it more important to dress up and look good?

Motivation. For those of you who work a lot at home this is the key word.

People and colleagues motivate.

You are motivated by having to leave home, arrive at work visit b, c and d during your day. You see people, you need to look good, walk tall and smile on that stage.

Treat you home as a stage if that’s where you work.

Trust me, I know from years of experience.

Feeling good about yourself, being clean, smiling and walking tall is exponentially more important at home, on your own than anywhere else.
You have to get into that positive work frame of mind to do your job. Dress smart, fasten and clean your shoes and take breaks at specific times. Stand up and smile on the phone. Leave off the radio and TV.

Treat it like a place of work, otherwise you'll find far too many distractions at home

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