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The Perfect Pour

4 out of 5 consumers know what they expect to see when they order a drink. Or at least they know what looks good when it's served and served correctly.
One of the most basic aspects of training staff, is the teach them to serve drinks properly. Of course they need the correct tools for the job, but given that, you must teach them the correct way to serve and just as importantly, serve consistently the same way every time. That way your customers know what they expect, get the quality they are paying for and will always come back.
Make sure that your glassware is immaculate and clean. Select the correct size of glass for the drink. Measure out the spirit correctly, add your ice and garnish.
Making your serve the best you can isn't expensive, it’s not hard to learn, but it will ruin your venue if you get it wrong.
It's all part of your Emotion management plan. That's creating positive emotions from every part of your business for your customers. When a customer is served a fabulous drink, it’s worth a number of positive emotions. It's also worth extra cash if you get it right.
Positive Emotion 1. You explain briefly about the drink they order. The kind of gin or vodka for example. It characteristics. This is the perfect chance to up-sell to a more premium brand. Done properly your customer has already warmed to you.
Positive Emotion 2. You make the drink skilfully and quickly. Watching a good bar person is part of the theatre of going to a bar.
Positive Emotion 3. The drink looks amazing, served onto a clean bar and placed onto bed mat the customer will feel pleased with their purchase.
Positive Emotion 4. They taste the drink and its every bit as good as it looks
Teach consistency. Even if you employ an already skilled bar person, it’s important for them to serve on your bar, the way you want them too. Otherwise your customer will get the same drink in a very different way from different servers.

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