Are You a Hospitality industry expert in your field? Do you want to promote yourself and what you do through content and knowledge blog writing?

We are looking for

  1. Content that helps hospitality staff improve their skills in every aspect of the business
  2. We need content that helps companies and venues better train their staff
  3. Content that assists turning our amazing industry staff into experts themselves

We want the National Hospitality Academy to offer great hospitality marketing blogs to help keep you our industry up to date on the latest industry trends and best practices, new tools and marketing platforms, and strategies to help your hospitality business stand out. 

Our audience includes experts' restaurateurs, bartenders, front of house staff, back of house staff, training managers, educators, and owners. We're looking for topics they will care about.

Submissions we are currently seeking

We are currently looking for industry experts in their field to create blogs. If you can write well and can offer content on one of these topics below or other relevant content (based on our guidelines below), please get in touch with State the topic you have when you contact.

  1. How to keep your hospitality team motivated (List)
  2. Marketing your business
  3. Instagram for hospitality Venues
  4. All about Cocktails, how to make them well, menu's, costings and mixology
  5. How to Run a restaurant, pub, bar, hotel etc. (loads of blogs here)
  6. Inspiration for entrepreneurs
  7. List of the best resources for hospitality training managers
  8. Why you should consider hospitality as a full-time career. 
  9. Why glassware counts, why and where to source
  10. How to clean glass ware like a Rockstar
  11. How to start a restaurant business and the pitfalls (could be a series of blogs)
  12. Vegetarian food

If you have another topic and you think you have content that will inspire, contact us here


So are we looking to publish?

  • We don't want content that is direcly tring to promote a product. We can't endorse a product but your content can have links back to your own site
  • Make sure that your content is your own work and not copied from another blog. It must be original and well-written and contain great information.
  • We are not a job site, so recruitment and job advert are not good content.
  • Idealy your bog should be between  600 and 900 words but can be in series if your subjet is longer
  • Blogs with compelling subheadings and images that break up content
  • Topics that we haven't already covered

We ask that you

  • Please provide your LinkedIn profile if you have one and a head shot that we can use as the writer
  • Provide links to your website and social media profiles so that we can encourage readers to connect with you
  • Please use images that are you're own or have been purchased for this use
  • Include no more than two outbound links referring to your own company
  • Include hyperlinks that give credit to sources (such as surveys, statistics, etc.)
  • Share your article across your networks once it’s published – for example on social media or through an email newsletter


  • The National Hospitality Academy need experts in hospitality who want to feature in our video training courses.

    We currently provide an award-winning e-learning platform to companies all over the UK with e-learning in various subjects.

    We have just engaged in a project to create short video-based learning topics in every aspect of the business. These might involve a series of 2-5-minute blocks of information and learning which our team will edit along with visuals.

    We're actively looking for the industries best experts in the field, who have something to that they can positively train to our clients and their staff. You will be seen and promoted and an industry expert and your business, links and contacts will be added, so our clients may engage with you at their leisure, making it a great opportunity to get noticed as an expert.

    We will come to you to film, you just need to create some content which you can deliver on camera either off the cuff, in conversation, or using autocue and we'll help you to put it across is a professional way. We'll create and film the peripherals visuals to make you look amazing.

    1. Social Media experts, website, Facebook and all other platforms
    2. Marketing for Hospitality Businesses.
    3. Brand ambassadors in Gin, Vodka, Rum and every other brand
    4. Bar service experts, including cocktails, but also experts in the whole service aspect
    5. Barista experts from making coffee to choosing coffee, machines and cleaning
    6. Business finance, raising capital. How to buy a pub, pitfalls, what to look out for, agreements.
    7. Insurance, what you need, why and how to get it
    8. Restaurant experts, in every aspect.
    9. Wine sommelier’s and champagne experts
    10. Bar owners and their advice in every aspect
    11. Entrepreneurs and anybody who has made it. What's involved, how did you do it and what advice do you have
    12. Hotel consultants and everything hotel, from the concierge to the room cleaning.

    13 Customer service experts.

    14 Body language experts

    15 Event and promotion experts

    16 Executive chefs, how to put a menu together, consistency, profit, food management

    17 Food hygiene experts, particularly on how to get the highest food hygiene rating.

    18 Experts in Food allergies

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