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Learn Wine is a course at not only making your customer service better, but your customer experience better.

Learn about how wine is produced, grape types and regions as well as learning which types of wine go best with certain foods.

How many times have you been to a bar, pub or a restaurant and the staff, not only recommend a wine based on the food you order, but explain why that choice fits best.

It simply doesn't happen, unless you're fine dining that is.

This course will go some way to help you get a better understanding of wine and allow you to look at the wines that you sell at your venue and be able to assist customers in making a better informal choice. And It great for upselling too.


  • What is wine and how varieties are made.
  • White grape varieties
  • Red grape varieties
  • Food pairings
  • Serving properly and at the correct temperatures 
  • Storing wine
  • Opening wine correctly
    Approx 1hr Learning Time
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