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COVID19 is presenting unimaginable challenges for everyone. But people still need to prepare for when we all get back to normal. To assist customers who are keen to train, we are allowing new customers to pay 50% and the balance when they need their certificate.

You can access the course material and still sit the real exam online at home.

Use paylater as the voucher code when you purchase the APLH exam and it will take 50% off you total. You will only pay the rest when you're ready to receive the exam body certificate.

LASER Learning Awards Certificates are obviously delayed until the Government allow more people back to work. You certificate is safe and will be available over the next few weeks.  Quick dial 02035442211 for more info.

Our Dircetor explains below

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We are centre recognised to provide exams for the Personal Licence which can be used in England and Wales (not Scotland) from three different exam bodies. They are TQUK and Highfield for face to face exams and Laser Learning Awards invigilated online at home, all listed here on the government website.

The qualification taken online at home is;

LASER Learning Awards (QCF Recognition number RN5326)

LASER Level 2 Award for Personal Licence Holders

Qualification number: 603/2603/7

You can download the qualification specification here 

Providing many of the licenses taken in the UK, you are now even able to take your real 40min exam at home or at work, at a time that suits you for just £109+vat, without going to a test centre for the exam. Using new invigilation software, we have been licensed to offer you this service and will save you, or your company time and money when choosing to take your course and exam with us.

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With the National Hospitality Academy, you are able to take the entire training using our 14 module interactive e-learning course mock exams and free online book, without any need to spend all day on a training course.

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What will I get?

A 14 Module studio voiced interactive course and mock exam. The full training course in a PDF book and 5 full online mock exams you can take on your mobile device or tablet. It also includes the Award for Personal Licence Holders exam.

We are also licensed in the UK to provide the DBS check required when you apply for the actual Personal Licence card after taking your exam. We offer the full application process, which along with the course and online exam, is about the most competitive price in the market, an additional £109+vat inclusive of all fees.

Online training is fast becoming the preferred way of learning for most companies and we currently have a 98% pass rate.

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Fill out the form below and I’ll send you a mock exam without charge to test yourself.

To get your Personal Licence exam directly, just select the exam at home option on our Personal Licence page here. Don’t worry about an exam time at this stage. We’ll give you a choice of over 60 hours on any week including weekends that you feel you want to take the exam, anytime 24 hours from purchase. This is to give us the time to schedule the exam with the examining body.

If you want access to the online course and mock exam first, just fill out the form provided. We’ll send you a complimentary link to have a go at the mock exam on your phone and provide you with any help you might require.

Note; If you are planning an event and require your Personal Licence don’t leave it too late. It takes around 5 working day for the certificate, DBS and application. Whilst our part is quick, DBS England can take up to 10 working days, councils can also take up to 2-3 weeks.