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GDPR for Venue Managers

On the 25th of May 2018 the Data Protection Act will be replaced with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This will have a large impact on the way that as a venue you manage and process data that you hold about staff and customers. This is why we’ve put together our GDPR for Venue Managers course; to help you and your venue to comply with GDPR and provide them with the knowledge required to ensure full compliance by the 25th of May.
As part of our GDPR for managers course we will provide you with a full insight into the impact of GDPR upon your Venue and daily operations and provide you with the knowledge that you require to create an action plan to reach compliance within your venue by the 25th of May.

Course Content

  • Aims of the GDPR – summary of key changes and the impact GDPR is going to have upon day nurseries
  • Definitions and Principles – data protection terminology and the principles of data protection.
  • Processing, Consent and Subject Rights – how to comply with the law, processing sensitive personal data, performance of a contract, legal obligations, obtaining consent, methods for obtaining consent, right to withdraw consent.
  • Data Controller and Processor Obligations – who is a controller, controller obligations, data security, reporting breaches, processor obligations, cross-border data transfer and further information.
  • Marketing – How to manage your marketing list and strategies for contact list.

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