Personalised with your company branding, custom colours and ideal for single or multi company businesses

Training all your staff in courses essential within the hospitality industry.

Annual reminders for all staff and to refresh their training. Easy to use course building tools to add and enhance your training

Advanced reporting tools to track professional development throughout the entire company workforce. Easy to add and track company induction and documents

Flexible Pricing Plans

We Have Pricing Plans To Suit Size of Business

We committed to being the very best open platform hospitality training platform in the world


Our developers are at the cutting edge of technology when it comes to building the very best training for you. Hospitality e-learning is our expertise. Never before in our high staff turn over industry has it been faster, easier, and more affordable to onboard and upskill your staff.

Give us a call today. It might just be the best call you’ve made all year.

We not only offer the best training , we also make communications with your company easy


Expert LMS will easily host your venues, managers and people for a fully immersed learning experience. But you can go further without any extra cost by utilising our notification, message, newsletter and calendar tools within the LMS.

Why not also have your own branded App? Staff can download the LMS app and have their training and company communication right on their phones. Call for more information 02035442211

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Share our information and blog on your social media and we’ll give you 3 free courses for any staff member you choose. Click get started to see how.

Ensure that all your staff receive annual Safeguarding, Health & Safety and Equality & Diversity training with your own portal


Remove the headache of staff training for your managers and HR department by providing your staff with access to over 15 certificated courses in less than 20 seconds. It doesn’t matter if you have 1 business with 10 staff or 5000 businesses with 50000 staff, you can access and manage in the same way.